FRUIT&ROT is an imprint that collaborates with artists, writers, and educators to design simple but thoughtful printed matter centered around ecology and our relationship to the natural world.

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on Hemptone paper by French Paper Co.
Edition of 50
Artist: Jean Brennan, 2021

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In the U.S. and Europe, Japanese Knotweed is one of the most hated non-native plants for the damage it can cause to an ecosystem, and yet there is no away—eradication is impossible. This project—through video, writing, image-making, and ethnobotanical uses like natural dyeing—seeks to complicate our understanding of the plant and the terminology (invasive, non-native) that “others” not only the species, but also the cultures and places from which it comes. The collage and prose shown here accompany a 5-minute video, titled The Wild Garden. Both were created during a residency at Subcircle in Biddeford, Maine.